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Corporate FAQs

Who is Mecca Hospitality?
Mecca Hospitality is a leading hospitality company designed to meet a growing consumer need for personal attention to private and corporate, daily and event services. The company was founded more than 12 years ago with a simple idea in mind: provide the general public with a turn-key solution to planning all details for any kind of event through one contact at competitive rates.

When was Mecca Hospitality founded?
Mecca Miami was founded in 1996.

What services does Mecca Hospitality offer?
Mecca Hospitality services include coordinating hotel accommodations for groups of 10 or more, dining reservations, tours, and transportation services; planning all details for meetings and large-scale events; entertainment services from attractions and recreational, corporate and team-building activities to music and event-related performances.

Where is Mecca Hospitality headquarters?
Mecca is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

How do I get more information about partnering with Mecca Hospitality?