Corporate Team Building Beach Activities

Morning, noon, or night, Mecca Hospitality's two-hour Beach Olympics program, which consists of five team activities, can fit into any agenda or itinerary.

South Florida's pristine beaches set the backdrop for beachfront and water adventures that include popular obstacle courses and relays, as well as other activities that not only bring out the child in each one of us, but also create group bonding experiences.

The following is a list of some of our Beach Olympic activity options:

Balloon Busters
Teams are given a towel and a set of balloons filled with water. Teams must bounce their balloons from one end of the beach to the other without bursting any of their balloons.

Flippin' Out
The teams race from the shore to the water, swimming out into the sea, around buoys, and back to the shore. The catch is, that team members must wear masks, inner tubes, and flippers, making the mere task of running in the sand not all its "quacked" up to be.

Obstacle Courses and Relays
A race of varied activities where each team runs against each other through a course of cones, inflated tubes, hoops, and many more obstacles ending with a sprint to the finish. Themed and customized obstacle courses and relays are available. Please contact us for a list of these activities.

Sand Sculpture or Castles in the Sky
Teams are given one bucket and one shovel and must create and build a sand sculpture (according to the theme given). In the Castles in the Sky event, teams have ten minutes to build the tallest sand castle possible using only shovels, buckets and their hands.

Ten Down Under
Teams have ten minutes to bury as many team members as possible up to their necks in sand.

Tug-of-War and Horseshoes
These traditional games can be enjoyed as a team. While tug-of-war tests a team's coordination and strength, horseshoe pitching, which dates back to 1910, requires balance, control, footwork, follow-through, timing and rhythm.

Teams are given points for each event. The team accumulating the most points wins.

Recognition and Awards Ceremony
Following Beach Olympic games, a formal awards ceremony will be held. In addition to placement awards, each team will be recognized with spirit awards and other fun titles. For the closing ceremony, companies can choose to add a fireworks show or balloon release to top off the occasion.

From t-shirts to bandanas to other memorabilia, ask your Mecca Hospitality representative about premium items for team members.

For more information on our various Beach Olympics options and a detailed list of activities, or a customized a beach package, please contact us at 305-856-1422.

Build Your Own Boat - (Minimum of 20 participants)

The perfect beach or lake activity!

Whether the group is small or large (up to several hundred), the Build Your Own Boat activity is sure to be an adventure, keeping participants highly engaged and working together to have fun and learn effective team strategies.

Groups are broken up into small teams to build the most seaworthy vessel. All teams are provided with the same resources: duct tape, PVC materials, ropes and more. The final product must be paddled and powered by members of the group.

The Build Your Own Boat activity can be tailored to include any or all of the following:

  • Various competitions such as fastest boat or best looking
  • Teams can be judged on creativity, originality and speed
  • It can be a collaborative effort with a goal such as carrying as many people as possible or sharing resources so that all boats float successfully
Groups on budgets can incorporate purchase planning as part of the activity. For more information on the Build Your Own Boat program, please contact us at 305-856-1422.

Contact us at 305-856-1422 to talk about how Mecca Hospitality can help you with a team building program.