Transportation - Flight Information

Mecca Hospitality has provided a direct link to Miami International Airport (MIA). Our clients can track the status of any flight arriving or departing MIA within minutes.

Meet & Greet Services

On Arrival Day:
A Professional Chauffeur who is familiar with Miami International Airport (MIA) will be waiting at the airline's designated baggage claim # for Domestic flights and U.S. Customs security exit point for International flights.

For groups of 14 or more, a staff greeter from Mecca Hospitality will be assigned to welcome your guests and escort them to a waiting shuttle.

If you arrive at MIA and can't identify your Chauffeur or Greeter, please contact dispatch at (305) 856-1422.

On Departure Day:
Traffic can be unpredictable in South Florida. It is recommends that before arriving at the airport, call your airline to confirm your flight, departure time, concourse and gate.

On departure day a Chauffeur or Greeter will be positioned at the entrance of the hotel lobby or corporate office to escort you to the airport.

Miami International Airport recommends that International departures arrive at least two hours early for international departures to allow for time to clear security.

Contact us at 305-856-1422 to inquiry about how Mecca Hospitality can arrange your transportation.